for Instilling confidence in me and believing in me - IAS Exam Priyanka Mehtani Continuous Support and guidance which I got from team Abhimanu and from my teachers proved helpful in getting success. I am really grateful to Abhimanu team for this. I wish Abhimanu keep on growing and helping students in their efforts. Thanks - PCS Exam Minakshi I thank abhimanyus and its dedicated team for their constant support and motivation. The faculty members at abhimanyus were very committed and helped me in planning strategically and develop a focussed approach.I am thankful to god that I got an opportunity to be a part of abhimanyus which helped me in shaping my career as a civil servant. (SC LDESM)- PCS Exam Rupinderjit Kaur I want to thank abhimanu for guiding and motivating me through my preparation.the interview program was very helpful. Thanks. - PCS Exam Shubhdeep Kaur I would like to give my heartiest thanks to the team of abhimanu's for the support and guidance given by them. They have played a very important role in my success - PCS-Exam I am thankful to the abhimanu team for their continous support throughout preparation regards sudhanshu Sudhanshu Gautam - Rank 1 (HCS Ex) HCS-2013 Sudhanshu Gautam Civil Services Preparation requires consistent effort and a dedicated mentorship.I would like to thank the whole team of Abhimanu for being a wonderful mentor and helping me achieve success. Thanks - 4th Rank (SC) PCS-2013 Dr Loveleen Kaur My hearfelt gratitude to Abhimanu for building a strong foundation and right strategy to reach the goal. I truly acknowledge its dedicated guidance and support during the preparation. Kimmi Kimmi Vaneet - 59th Rank (GC) PCS-2013 Kimmi Vaneet I owe my success to abhimanus without which I would not have been possible Ovessa Iqbal IAS 2011 Rank 572 Ovessa Iqbal Dedicated to team Abhimanus who showed the path of light and success Lalit Jain , IAS 2011 Rank 41 Lalit Jain I am thankful to Abhimanus without which it would not have been possible Sammer Sharma, IAS 2011 rank 182 Sammer Sharma Abhimanus Played a crucial role in my success. Fruitful guidance Ganshyam Bansal, 583rd rank ( 2010 result) Ghansyam Bansal I am thankful to Abhimanu for providing excellent guidance. HCS ( 3rd Rank) Ekta Chopra I am thankful to dedicated and experienced team of Abhimanyu's for their guidance and constant motivation in my success Nitish Singla Nitish Singla - 10th Rank (GC) PCS-2013 Nitish Singla Abhimanu's has played a very important role in my sucess.Iam thankful to Team Abhimanu for able guidance and inspiration. Harsharanjeet singh Harsharanjeet Singh - 56th Rank (GC) PCS-2013 Harsharanjeet Singh Preparing for civil services is a rigorous and demanding endeavour. Abhimanu provided me the necessary support and guidance. I wish to specially thank the team Abhimanu for the academic expertise and personal support they offered me which made all the difference. Thank you. Kamaljot Kamaljot Kaur- 2nd Rank (GC) PCS-2013 Kamaljot Kaur Interview guidance I got at Abhimanus made a difference in my preparation thanks Manjeet Kaur IAS 2011 Rank 903 Manjeet Kaur I am thankful to whole team of Abhimanus for helping me at all stages of the preparation and making my success possible Kanika Aggarwal, IAS 2011 Rank 485 Kanika Aggarwal Abhimanus helped me building strategy throughout my preparation, The pre result interview classes has been quite helpful Kashish Mittal, IAS 2011 Rank 58 Kashish Mittal I am heartly thankful to whole team of Abhimanus for incessant support provided by them at every corner of this preparation Deepti Uppal, IAS 2011 Rank 81 Deepti Uppal Its not only the students but the teachers also whose hard work dedication and continuous encouragement which is reflected in the result. with all such factors Abhimanus has helped many students achieve success in highly competitive exam like civil services. Wishing Abhimanus even better result Jalaj Sharma, IAS 2011 Rank 409 Jalaj Sharma It would not have been possible without Abhimanus. The most organised education , I have ever come across Ghansyam Bansal IAS 2011 Rank 93 Ghansyam Bansal Abhimanus laid the foundation, the personal support given by the faculty helped me to improve and finally achieve success Harjinder Singh, IAS 2011, Rank 70 Harjinder Singh "Pattern of Study" and "committed faculty" at abhimanus provided me an edge while achieving my dream in first attempt Tanvi Garg, IAS, 2009 Rank-80 Tanvi Garg I thank the complete team of Abhimanu for helping me during my interview preparation. The excellent advice of experts in interview panel helped me to face the real interview in a more calm, composed and confident manner. Once again, I extend my heartiest thanks to team Abhimanu. Prabhjot Singh, 16th rank(2010 result) Prabhjot Singh " Focussed Prepration on the right track is a key to success"This is what the Abhimanu IAS made us imbibe.This is how i made it in first attempt Kanika Aggarwal, 361st rank ( 2010 result) Kanika Aggarwal Abhimanu has helped me in clearing all 3 stages of exam and secure 101 rank and attain my life long dream of joining IAS - IAS Kriti Garg I wish to thanks Abhimanu for their support during my preparation. Mamta Sharma I heartily thank the entire team of Abhimanus for guiding me throughout my preparation and in making my success possible. The interview classes have been quite helpful. Sandeep Kaur Rank-81 (PCS 2013) Sandeep Kaur The efforts of abhimanu's team have been cardinal to my success.It is because of the titanic personality and enduring hardwork of my respected teachers that I have been able to sail through this exam Anshu Singla - 40th Rank (GC) (PCS 2013) Anshu Singla I would like to thank Abhimanu for helping me achieve this success. Preliminary guidance provided me a lot of motivation and confidence , which was followed by excellent preparation and support for my mains exams. Thanks Rohit Yadav Rank 10 (HCS Exe) HCS-2013 Rohit Yadav Thanks Abhimanu Team for continuous support through preparation and strategy building. Interview preparation made a huge difference in my preparation- Prince Dhawah, IAS 2012 Rank 3 Prince Dhawan I want to thank dedicated team at Abhimanu for contributing so constructively towards my success.I wish Abhimanu all the best and hope that it continues helping future generations of promising youngsters in realising their dream of becoming honest civil servants - IAS Exam Shiv Anant Tyal I sincerely thank Abhimanus team , who always motivated me and helped me in every possible way to achiveve my success. IAS Exam Eish SInghal I really appreciate the guidance given by Abhimanus.They brought ou the best in me by always encouraging me. the institute is the right place for anybody who is seeking right guidance to crack civil services Manveet Sehgal, 148th rank ( 2010 result) Manveet Sehgal Abhimanu's IAS study group not only laid the first stepping stone for me on which i could tread confidently, but also made me see the glimmer of hope in my darkest hours of crisis and depression. This Institute has been like a second family and i owe my success very much to this family of mine. The faculty members have always been very encouraging and supportive Neha Bansal, 63rd rank(2010 result) Neha Bansal It has been an enjotable journey with Abhimanus (HCS exe) kamalpreet Kaur I owe my success to team abhimanu, the personalized attention and expertise has brought the best,,,,,,,,,
Texoma 100 Air Race 29-3-2014 Lots of racers came out for the first race of the season, and were rewarded with a fabulous weather day to fly.,,,,,,,,,
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