beetrootol By Tina Bele – January 12, 2015 Posted in: Alternative Recipes Did you know that almost anything that contains vegetables develops film if mixed with washing soda and vitamin C? Well, it does. Today I present you: The beetrootol 250 ml Red Beetroot juice 2 tsp of washing soda 1 tsp vitamin C works fine with papers, haven’t tested the films, yet. Share: Twitter Google Facebook Pinterest Email More StumbleUpon Pocket Tumblr LinkedIn Print Reddit Like this: Like Loading... 0 Welcome Tina Bele – Piller Cuveeol recipe By Tina Bele – January 11, 2015 Posted in: Alternative Recipes , Featured , News Hello readers, I know it was pretty quiet last year here on the blog. It’s not that I had no new ideas or stuff to write about, but just very little time. This year I will hopefully have more time, as I have some pretty new stuff in the pipeline. One of Tinas tin-pinholes and the resulting picture. I am also very proud to have a new member on the site. Tina Bele is quite new in the caffenol (and pinhole) scene and creates awesome art with self made pinhole cameras and home-brewed caffenol based recipes. Tina is kind enough to share her findings with us and will get her own “Alternative Recipes” category here. Tina, please say hello to your new readers. Hi, my name is Tina Bele. I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I’m an amateur photographer, and after attending a workshop in April, 2014 I fell in love with Pinhole cameras . The whole idea of making cameras, plus developing on my own… made me an addict. I like to build pinhole cameras out of tins and boxes and use Caffenol recipes to develop my papers (since my dog is allergic and can not stand the smell of classic developing chemistry).   Tina My father was an amateur photographer too, travelling around taking shots and doing developments on his own. Since I am having a not so creative job to pay the bills, I enjoy this free time with boxes and tins, and I hope my dad would be proud of me. I am happy to share my recipes and will start with a recipe out of cheap Rosé Wine . I started loving chemistry, and made some new Caffenol, I mean Wineol recipes. This cocktail contains some extremely cheap Rosé, blackcurrant juice and some washing soda. The recipe: 250 ml Wine 50 ml black currant juice 2 teaspoons  of soda 1 teaspoon  vitamin C Thank you very much, Tina! I am pretty sure we will see some awesome experimental recipes from you, as you have already posted a few in the caffenol Facebook group . Share: Twitter Google Facebook Pinterest Email More StumbleUpon Pocket Tumblr LinkedIn Print Reddit Like this: Like Loading... 1 Merry Christmas By dirk – December 24, 2014 Posted in: News I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2015! Share: Twitter Google Facebook Pinterest Email More StumbleUpon Pocket Tumblr LinkedIn Print Reddit Like this: Like Loading... 1 Technical Pan in Caffenol-SMT / Mini Workshop By dirk – February 7, 2014 Posted in: Caffenol Recipe , Featured , News I recently asked in the Caffenol Facebook group  how I should shoot a roll of Kodak Technical Pan . Many people suggested I should shoot it at EI 25 or 50, but I also wanted to know if it is possible to get something useful out of it in EI 200. I took a stroll around a small lake near my workplace and fired away. When the roll was exposed, I wanted to do something crazy, so I asked again on Facebook  in which recipe it should be developed. After 9 suggestions and some calculations by averaging ingredients and times, I had my recipe. For the moment it is called Caffenol-SMT (Caffenol-SoMeThing). I also wanted to do some video again, and as my Wineol Video has just reached about 15.000 views, it was about time to create something fresh. It shows my way of mixing up caffenol and some other things which I do when I develop film. If you have any comments about how I do things, please use the comment section below, or discuss it in the Caffenol Facebook Group . Warning , the video is rather long , so make yourself a nice cup of coffee, lean back and enjoy 22 minutes caffenol-geek-talk. Techical Pan in Caffenol on Youtube from Dirk Essl   The recipe comes down to: 1 liter water at 21 degrees C Washing Soda: 24g Vitamin C: 13g Instant Coffee: 32g KBr: 0.4 g Semi Stand with 6 initial inversions and 3 gentle inversions at 15 minutes. Here are the uncorrected scans (Autolevel from Vuescan ). Please be aware that the film seems to be light damaged, so the top and bottom of the frames are completely white. It however gives a very nice panoramic effect. EI 100 EI 50 EI 50 EI 25 EI 50 EI 100 EI 200 EI 12 EI 100 EI 50 EI 12 EI 25 EI 50 EI 25 EI 25 Here is the EI200 shot again, which was tweaked a bit in Lightroom: EI 200 I think with the right subject, this film is even usable in EI 200, but your mileage may vary. The recipe is just missing a proper name now, so this your chance to give it one. There is a lot more to discover on this site, have a look at our recipes  or browse other caffenol addicts in our ‘A Coffee with…’ series. And remember, whatever you do: Have fun! Share: Twitter Google Facebook Pinterest Email More StumbleUpon Pocket Tumblr LinkedIn Print Reddit Like this: Like Loading... 0 A Coffee with…No. 7 – Becky Ramotowski By dirk – February 4, 2014 Posted in: A Coffee with , Featured , News After a long, long (too long) break, we continue with our Series “A Coffee with…” where we present analog enthusiasts and their work. Today I am happy to talk with Becky Ramotowski, who has a real passion about pinhole cameras and ‘marinating’ prints in caffenol. Becky also wrote an awesome book about the “Secrets of Stargazing” . If you are interested in Astronomy, I can highly recommend this book! Surprisingly, Becky doesn’t drink coffee but enjoys a good glass of red wine, tea or mountain water… (Which all of makes nice caffeic acid based developer) Becky is also a group admin in our beautiful Caffenol Facebook Group , so if you are a Facebook member, go ahead and join our group. Caffenol:  Hi Becky, nice to have you here! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers: Becky: Hi, my name is Becky Ramotowski, you all might know me as Astro Beck. I live in New Mexico, am a freelance writer, amateur astronomer and like to build pinhole cameras and use caffenol to develop my photos. Caffenol: Anything else you want to add about you as a person? Becky: I grew up in Texas, love football and old cars and pickup trucks. I also like to travel and take photos mainly to remind me of the places I’ve been and not necessarily to record a perfect photo. Oh, and I don’t drink coffee. Caffenol: What do like about photography in general? Becky: Photography lets me slow down and let everything soak in. Since I mostly do pinhole photography, I can immerse myself in my surroundings and see what’s going on and really get to know a place. I feel like I get to experience things that a lot of people miss because they are going too fast or are in a hurry. Photography is more than just looking at and being somewhere and framing the scene. I like to feel the breeze and smell the wind if it’s blowing and listen to birds…it’s all part of the picture for me, even if you don’t see it in the photo I show you, I know it was there. It’s the little extras and nuances like that. It’s like each photo has a secret. Caffenol: How did you get into caffenol? Becky: My photographer friend Britt Aximon and her husband Magnus were using it and having terrific results. Their developing and resulting photos really grabbed me! I was also interested in it as an alternative to the harsh and stinky photo chemicals I had been using. The idea of home brew photo developing also appealed to the mad scientist type of personality I have. Experimenting and mixing up a coffee cocktail that would develop film seemed too good to be true and that the ingredients were easy to find just made it that much more enticing. I found everything I needed except the Vitamin C powder on the shelf at my local grocery store. The Vitamin C powder had to be purchased at a health food store. Caffenol: What kind of gear do you use? (You can include a picture of your gear if you like) Do you have digital stuff as well? Becky: Oh man, I have lots of stuff. I have about 30 cameras that range from an old Pentax K1000 that I bought new in 1985 (it still works and I still use it), a Crown Graphic, a Yashica Mat 124G, a handful of Holgas and then I have a herd of pinhole cameras that I bought and some that I have built. I have some old box Brownie cameras that I love and a few Nikons that are used for astrophotography because they are totally manual and have mirror lockup. I also have a Panasonic Lumix GF-1 Micro-four thirds digital that I use for quick snapshots and video. Below you can see a few shots of the main gear I use and some of my camera collection.   Caffenol: Which is your favorite camera/lens combination at the moment? Why? Becky: If you ask me this question tomorrow it will be a different answer, but today I would have to say my 4 x 5 pinhole camera. I like the simplicity of it and the ruggedness of it. I don’t worry about it getting rained on or dropped or knocked over. Besides, if it breaks, I know how to fix it or build a new one. It has character plus it always gets a conversation going when using it in public. I like all of my other cameras too because they each do something different or reveal a different personality in the photos they make. Friends sometimes ask me if I could only keep one camera which would it be, and I usually say the Pentax K1000 because I have an emotional attachment to it. It has traveled the world with me and it was the first camera I used when I started freelance work for newspapers. We have a long history together. Oh, and it has a ridiculously,,,,,,,,,
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