time 3 hours ago 1,901 Views 1 Comment “It does taste like a carpet.” Share32 Tweet8 From Welcome To Your Life The trailer for TV3′s new soap Red Rock is pretty intense 4 hours ago 12,963 Views 18 Comments The show airs on 7 January. Share13 Tweet29 Hoax Teenager who claimed to make $72 million on stock market admits to making whole thing up 4 hours ago 1,378 Views No Comments The boy who cried Wolf of Wall Street. Share2 Tweet3 A Little Respect Watch London commuters break out into a spontaneous Erasure singalong on the Tube 5 hours ago 21,724 Views 33 Comments And it’s rather heartwarming. Share259 Tweet57 Tv Picks What to watch on TV tonight: Tuesday 5 hours ago 1,893 Views 3 Comments Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later. Share2 Tweet14 The Descent This one-minute video perfectly captures the shambles of a 12 Pubs crawl 6 hours ago 2,151 Views 3 Comments On the twelfth pub of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Share7 Tweet11 Proud Here’s the heartfelt letter a 9-year-old girl wrote her teacher after he came out as gay 7 hours ago 2,413 Views 7 Comments Beautiful. Share90 Tweet23 Geography Lesson Saoirse Ronan is a ‘British’ actress, according to this London award ceremony 7 hours ago 2,210 Views 8 Comments Oh. Oh dear. Share1 Tweet9 These Guys 9 Dumb and Dumber quotes not to live your life by 8 hours ago 2,020 Views No Comments “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber…” Share7 Tweet9 Hero In A Half Shell This tortoise rescuing its overturned pal is the meaning of friendship 8 hours ago 1,115 Views No Comments “Nnnnnggg. Nnnnnnggg. There.” Share25 Tweet12 Sir Cliff Man calls police after neighbour sticks up ‘creepy’ picture of Cliff Richard 9 hours ago 1,343 Views 3 Comments “I woke up and he had stuck a picture in his window of a face of Cliff Richard, looking down at us.” Share6 Tweet11 You Get A Candle 16 faces every Christmas shopper will recognise 10 hours ago 14,405 Views 16 Comments “So, I expect you’ve all your shopping done?” Share24 Tweet15 NOTLOVINIT McDonald’s is running so low on fries in Japan, they’re limiting how much you can order 11 hours ago 1,135 Views 2 Comments Things just got serious. Share6 Tweet6 World Of Celebs What’s going on with Britney’s nose on this magazine cover?… The Dredge 12 hours ago 2,976 Views 1 Comment All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt. Share5 Tweet5 Serial ‘Serial’ fans set up scholarship to honour victim Hae Min Lee 12 hours ago 5,211 Views 5 Comments Listeners are hoping to raise $25,000 to give back to Lee’s community. Share4 Tweet17 Gogglebox Steph and Dom from Gogglebox ALMOST had people warming to Nigel Farage last night 13 hours ago 1,181 Views 3 Comments The controversial UK politician was interviewed by ‘the posh couple’ on Channel 4. We know. Share Tweet4 Zeitgeist This 2014 Year In Review video has an ending that will floor you 13 hours ago 1,800 Views 3 Comments Wait for it. It’s only 70 seconds away. Share178 Tweet39 Choppy Changey Bridget and Eamon won Republic of Telly again with this Late Late tickets sketch 14 hours ago 1,818 Views 3 Comments EAMON WE’VE NO HAM. Share13 Tweet11 I Feel Pretty This dog dressed as little girl is definitely the weirdest thing you’ll see today 15 hours ago 753 Views No Comments Wh-what? Why is this happening? Share4 Tweet8 Let It Go Frozen director apologises to parents sick and tired of hearing Let It Go 15 hours ago 1,122 Views 1 Comment Jennifer Lee understands. Share23 Tweet8 From Bill Cosby Bill Cosby’s wife: ‘The question should be asked – who is the victim?’ 16 hours ago 10,655 Views 82 Comments Camille Cosby has suggested that her husband, not the women, is the party being harmed. Share5 Tweet7 Cats Vs Christmas Trees This video proves that cats and Christmas trees will be mortal enemies forever 16 hours ago 1,755 Views 1 Comment Cats don’t care for silly human traditions like Christmas. Share121 Tweet8 From Break The Internet Here’s what Ireland searched for on Google in 2014 23 hours ago 22,591 Views 31 Comments Some of it is predictable, some of it is baffling. Share12 Tweet36 Yesterday’s News Cropped Kim Kardashian cropped her own daughter out of a selfie and the internet freaked out Mon 10:00 PM 3,043 Views 4 Comments A new level of cold. Share5 Tweet6 Tis The Season 12 hilarious Christmas cards that are most definitely better than yours Mon 9:30 PM 32,553 Views 20 Comments Look at these Christmas cards and be inspired for next year. Share70 Tweet27 Don't Jerk And Drive US state pulls innuendo-laden ‘Don’t Jerk and Drive’ public safety campaign Mon 9:01 PM 1,678 Views No Comments *immature giggles* Share7 Tweet11 Eco Friendly Elephant This video showing an elephant throwing rubbish into bin is going viral – but is it real? Mon 8:26 PM 1,147 Views 1 Comment Some are sceptical. Share4 Tweet7 Grim This might be the darkest sex toy review you’ll ever read Mon 7:30 PM 3,651 Views 1 Comment Pardon? Share3 Tweet5 Oh Dear Sam Smith says he was ‘hacked’ after internet unearths mortifying tweet from 2012 Mon 6:53 PM 3,724 Views 2 Comments In the 2012 tweet, Sam Smith asked singer Chris Brown to “turn gay”. Share14 Tweet668 Sony Hack Here is what we have learned from the Sony hacks so far Mon 6:11 PM 13,862 Views 23 Comments The studio has found itself at the centre of a massive hacking scandal over the past week. Share9 Tweet10 Tv Picks What to watch on TV tonight: Monday Mon 5:30 PM 1,865 Views No Comments Here are the shows that’ll be on your Twitter timeline later. Share2 Tweet18 Oh Miley Miley Cyrus had wrist surgery and Instagrammed the whole gross process (NSFW) Mon 4:59 PM 2,561 Views 1 Comment Probably NSFL. Share1 Tweet4 Christmas Shoes Are You A Christmas Sap? Mon 4:25 PM 2,541 Views 3 Comments An important test. Share9 Tweet5 Unsincerely Yours This little girl’s letter to the tooth fairy is brilliantly passive-aggressive Mon 3:51 PM 2,326 Views 1 Comment #Shade Share31 Tweet16 Ya Filthy Animal Here are all the screenings of classic Christmas movies around Ireland Mon 3:26 PM 2,082 Views 1 Comment That we know of. 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