Read about the Game Development Library Project and then compete in our Article Competition Welcome Home - Get started with our friendly game developer community Featured Top Posts News Articles When do videos need voiceovers? Published in Music and Sound By Kirill Kliushkin - Our thoughts about when videos for games need voiceovers, and when they don’t. There are important pluses and minuses we think everyone should be a... 12 Tricks to Selling Your Ideas, Your Game & Yourself Published in Business and Law By Thomas Henshell - Selling is an art in itself. The developer of Archmage Rises shares what he learned from the corporate world – so you don’t have to How to Create a Scoreboard for Lives, Time, and Points in HTML5 with WiMi5 Published in Game Programming By Jose Maria Martinez - This tutorial gives a step-by-step explanation on how to create a scoreboard that shows the number of lives, the time, or the points obtained in a... Generalized Platformer AI Pathfinding Published in Artificial Intelligence By Chris F. Brown (Zamaster, DotStarMoney) - In this article, we'll explore a powerful, general technique to guiding "jump and run" style AI through a platforming course to reach a... How to Make a Good Sequel to Your Casual Game Published in Game Design By Ievgen Leonov - To create a game hit from scratch or to make a good part two for the existing project? Which of the two options is a shortcut to success? The answe... Inside the Indie Art Process of Archmage Rises Published in Visual Arts By Thomas Henshell - Thomas Henshell and Rogier van de Beek dive deep into how they make the artwork being produced for Thomas’ upcoming 2D RPG Archmage Rises. Screenshot Showdown Top Shots Featured Developer Journals Featured Kriophobia goes live on Kickstarter and Greenlight! Dec 04 2014 11:41 AM dejaime in Bidimensional Dreams 0 Comments Hello again,It's been a long time of inactivity since I have gotten this job ( /o/ ) at Fira Soft. Lots of things happened, some really good and some awfully bad, I have little time left for most of my personal projects right now.But I come today... Featured A vertex occlusion baking guide Nov 26 2014 04:15 AM eppo in Ep's tool-dev diary 7 Comments 'alloFinally got around to add an ambient occlusion baker to the pipeline.I'm baking it all to vertex maps, as these give generally good results and avoid the hassle and memory demands of having to assign unique texture space to every triangle in... Featured Shipyard Pre-Alpha 0.8.1 Released! Nov 22 2014 07:17 PM nerdboy64 in Brass Watch Games Development 0 Comments It's been more than five months since I started working on this update. I never intended it to go on this long, but trying to implement shuttles increased the development time drastically. Eventually, I decided to push shuttles back to another upd... Interesting Topics Scaling sprites with distance? Started by george7378 in DirectX and XNA 2 replies 54 views george7378 Today, 07:38 AM Force and movement Started by WiredCat in Math and Physics 1 replies 132 views Stainless Today, 03:49 AM Backpropagation XOR issue Started by Prozak in Artificial Intelligence 1 replies 113 views CulDeVu Today, 08:37 AM error while importing module Started by koka282 in For Beginners 0 replies 8 views koka282 Today, 07:30 AM Can't keep the car straight. Why on earth does this happen? Started by WhateverMan in Game Programming 4 replies 331 views ApochPiQ Yesterday, 07:53 PM Seperating Logic and Data Started by d0ct0rscarecr0w in For Beginners 2 replies 355 views d0ct0rscarecr0w Yesterday, 07:33 PM Need advice on C++ reflection system Started by Salty Boyscouts in General Programming 1 replies 236 views SeanMiddleditch Today, 12:17 AM Direct2D kills my CriticalSection...? Started by Funkymunky in DirectX and XNA 4 replies 186 views DvDmanDT Today, 08:11 AM Atomic components in ECS Started by Ungunbu in Game Programming 10 replies 317 views wintertime Today, 07:06 AM static friction Started by WiredCat in Math and Physics 1 replies 113 views brucedjones Today, 07:29 AM Efficiently when compressing char* to std::string Started by MaxFire in General Programming 3 replies 325 views NightCreature83 Yesterday, 11:13 AM is there an easy way to do this? Started by Norman Barrows in General Programming 15 replies 379 views Norman Barrows Today, 08:40 AM Idea for a Poker-based RPG/ Story-Driven Poker Game Started by NightDive21 in Game Design 0 replies 4 views NightDive21 Today, 07:25 AM Text Based RPG help Started by Binate in For Beginners 2 replies 294 views Sunsharior Yesterday, 02:12 PM [Unpaid] Fall In Fear Started by Ermolaev in Writing for Games 0 replies 24 views Ermolaev Today, 03:47 AM TCP clients-servers-servers Started by alnite in Multiplayer and Network Programming 3 replies 218 views hplus0603 Yesterday, 08:51 PM [book suggestion] "Multithreading for Visual Effects" Started by Alessio1989 in GDNet Lounge 0 replies 37 views Alessio1989 Today, 02:00 AM Occlusion Culling - Combine OctTree with CHC algorithm? Started by Silverlan in Graphics Programming and Theory 7 replies 223 views Silverlan Today, 08:07 AM Javascript & rogue like games Started by Nynaeve Min in General Programming 2 replies 329 views Aldacron Yesterday, 07:31 PM Creating .so files in linux Started by DarkRonin in General Programming 5 replies 1243 views DarkRonin Yesterday, 01:26 AM Building bgfx in Visual Studio Started by 3DModelerMan in APIs and Tools 0 replies 149 views 3DModelerMan Yesterday, 07:47 PM World of Warcraft missions Started by rpiller in Game Design 1 replies 565 views JTippetts Yesterday, 11:36 AM [Android ] New Addictive Game-Infinite Swim Started by stefany in Your Announcements 0 replies 23 views stefany Today, 01:54 AM Camera distortion using Directx Math Started by AhmedCoeia in DirectX and XNA 1 replies 152 views Buckeye Yesterday, 08:32 PM Top News Top in 24 Hours Top in 7 Days Top in 30 Days Most Recent Like 679 Likes Dislike Apple rejected "pornographic" Papers Please -- iPad version of Lucas Pope's game turned away due to images of the naked human body Related Stories: XBLIG Support 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 535 Likes Dislike Candy Crush Saga arrives on Windows Phone -- As rumored last week, publisher King has finally brought its highly popular mobile arcade game Candy Crush Saga to Windows Phone devices for the first time. 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 31 Likes Dislike PC Pick: Jack King Spooner's Beeswing -- Jack King Spooner's Beeswing is a wonderful game. A wonderful, personal and yet at times simply wondrous game, that effortlessly and occasionally radically changes its visual style but always remains a consistent thing of unique beauty. A beautifu... Related Stories: Hello World, meet our new experimental toolchain, Jack and Jill Beta Testers Needed for SinaSprite Mobile Serious Game 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 456 Likes Dislike Take-Two: Don't like GTA? Don't buy it -- Karl Slatoff says push to stop sale of Grand Theft Auto V "flies in the face of everything that free society is based on" 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 288 Likes Dislike Microsoft makes it easier for you to upgrade your Lumia, if you're in India -- Microsoft has launched a lucrative buyback scheme in India that makes it easier for you to upgrade to a higher-end Lumia. Aimed at increasing sales of Lumia handsets in the country, the move enables customers to receive as much as 65 percent of th... 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 26 Likes Dislike Steam Auction launch backfires, is withdrawn -- Valve forced to take system offline after users find exploit 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 219 Likes Dislike On January 21 Microsoft reveals more about the Windows 10 consumer experience -- Microsoft is keeping a steady pulse on Windows 10, releasing bits of news along the way to its official release in mid-2015. Today, Microsoft has announced their January 21 Windows 10 event, which is to take place in Redmond, WA. Although the prev... Related Stories: ODU Raises the Bar on Handling Water Levels 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 21 Likes Dislike HardKour: A Fast-paced Parkour Retro Runner -- If you’re the type of person who gets excited whenever a new Assassin’s Creed meets parkour video is released, then feast your eyes on Hardkour, a parkour-themed sports game that tests both memory and reflexes. Featuring retro cyber.. 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 169 Likes Dislike Sprint begins to roll out Windows Phone 8.1 update to HTC 8XT -- Owners of the Sprint HTC 8XT should be on the lookout for a new, and long awaited, over-the-air update to the smartphone. Windows Central has received tips that claim the long awaited Windows Phone 8.1 update for the device began to roll out today. 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 24 Likes Dislike Nintendo's Amiibo line sold 700k units in the US alone -- Toy sales were "roughly equal" to Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Pokemon sold 1.5 million 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 22 Likes Dislike Find the Haunted Mansion of Your Dreams in Biblioteca -- I have had a weakness for RPG Maker horror games. I love horror made with graphical limitations, and enjoy the creative ways the developers of these games have frightened me. So, when Vitaly Margevich, developer.. Related Stories: SERIOUS GAMES MARKET NEW DOMAIN 0 Comments | Not Interesting Like 18 Likes Dislike Kaboom Monsters, battling monsters one card at a time -- Kaboom Monsters is a strategy, card battling, adventure game where you travel the lands in search of a dark wizard who has cursed your village. In between you and the dark wizard is countless hordes of monsters that are intent on ruining your day.... Related Stories: Hello World, meet,,,,,,,,,
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