Alexander the Great assumed the kingship of Macedonia at twenty and by the age of thirty, he had created one of the largest empires of that time. Akbar ascended the Mughal throne at the age of thirteen and by eighteen, the empire and the army was under his direct control. William Pitt the Younger became the British Prime Minister at the age of twenty four. Steve Jobs founded Apple when he was just twenty one. Richard Branson founded the Virgin Group at twenty. Mark Zuckerberg set up Facebook at twenty. Elon Musk founded PayPal at twenty eight. "It isn't just an entrepreneurial course. It is a push, a platform, a vision and a direction for that idea that takes restless twists and turns in your mind every time there is a trigger of a dreamy conversation or a hapless work day." "The program has been designed to nurture excellence in its fellows. There are well-planned activities and exercises that stimulate the mind to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life situations" Gold Nib Fellowship Activities Developing a sense of purpose and utilizing information to suit the needs of the task at hand are among the several aims of the Gold Nib fellowship program. Following are the exercises that form the core of the fellowship along with the regular classes for the PGDBM course. I) Execute Me Right A three-month activity with real capital to create a real venture. The Gold Nib Fellowship Commission (GNFC) provides all the fellows with cash to invest in an idea and make profits. Double, triple or quadruple but by the 'right' means is the philosophy that forms the heart of the activity. II) The Idea Highway Organize an act, an event, a road show, a seminar or a carnival and get it going at a scale and distinction that makes you a star. It is a group activity that requires the fellows to utilize their networking skills to raise funds and external participation to create a show of substance.   - Execute Me Right - The Idea Highway - The Idea Nirvana - Back Up To Avoid Pack Up III) The Idea Nirvana Best ideas with a plan created over a period of nine months get deserved funds. The students work on each and every aspect of their originally conceptualized ideas under the guidance of learned faculty and industry experts. The course provides ample opportunity to execute your unique idea along with others who plan to make a move in the same domain and direction. Based on the feasibility of the plan and harmony among members, funds are made available to bring the shared vision to reality. Continue Reading Gold Nib Fellowship Activities At the end of one year, the best ideas will be funded in two ways. i) Under the 'The Idea Tree' plan, five worthy ideas, in individual or group capacity, are funded by the Gold Nib Fellowship Commission (GNFC) in a two to three timed phases. The phases depend upon the requirement of the business plan. A maximum of fifteen students can be funded through the Idea Tree plan. ii) The 'Capital Store' plan is inspired from the Greek-Armenian thinker, G.I. Gurdjieff's philosophy - 'As long as our ideas are the same, we will never be apart.' Inviting industry stalwarts to review exemplary business plans forms an imminent part of the course. And if a plan is perfect to become an offshoot of an established corporate, it receives funds and recognition from such a conglomerate. Under the 'Capital Store' plan, five worthy ideas, in individual or group capacity, are funded by the corporate invited to fund them. Based on the idea's strength, the invited company can fund to set up a new company or a new division in the parent organization. A maximum of fifteen students can be funded through this plan. IV) Back Up To Avoid Pack Up With dreams and desires, go hand-in-hand, the possibility of disappointments. However, you can never learn if you don't make mistakes and you can never be successful if you don't encounter failure. Thus, the fellowship program provides a third option to the students called 'Back up to avoid pack up' . UBS has an exhaustive list of employers who visit the campus for recruitments and students of the Gold Nib Fellowship are allowed to avail the opportunities to start a corporate career. Back to Gold Nib Fellowship Activities "The selection process for the Gold Nib fellowship program is rigorous because the program requires a year of unbridled attention and hard work. Anyone in the age group of 20-26 years from any background and any part of the country can apply for the course. However, the selection process would evaluate the student and choose only up-to 60 applicants for the fellowship program." The Duration of the Gold Nib Fellowship would coincide with the duration of the MBA program of the Fellowship Host. For the current batch the Gold Nib Fellowship would be for 15 months. Genesis - Gold Nib Fellowship Commission "India needs its entrepreneurs to grow." With this objective in mind, the Gold Nib Fellowship Commission (GNFC) was created. GNFC today is a combination of exemplary entrepreneurs, fund houses and mentors who have partnered to create a commission, whose objective is to mentor and nurture young talent. India's greatest strength is its middle class population which is expected to touch 260 million (equivalent to the size of American population). It is this middle class that traditionally has given birth to young individuals who have surged ahead with the concept of enterprise creation. Gold Nib Fellowship Commission Objectives Offering an incubation environment to create a league of young entrepreneurs (17-26 years) Recognizing individual talents and honing them for development of sustainable enterprises. Linking of incubation cells of different institutes for creating a cross institutional learning environment and for creating a unique library of business plans. Creating a pool of early stage investors for providing seed capital for feasible ideas. Roping in industry leaders as mentors Integrating business plans with relevant Government schemes and Corporate initiatives. - Aimed at Young Entrepreneurs 17-26 - Fellowship Activities - Incubation cells across Colleges - Pool of Angel Investors - Integration with Government and Corporate Initiatives The Gold Nib Fellowship Commission - Patrons (click here) Gold Nib Fellowship Commission - Patrons Pranay Gupta (Currently Jt. CEO, Center for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship, CIIE, at IIM Ahmedabad) Pranay has been leading the IIM Ahmedabad's incubator to become the foremost organisation in early stage incubation in India. During his tenure, CIIE has incubated more than 20 startups and has raised funds to the tune of $2mn. He is a board observer to more than 10 startups, where he helps them with setting up internal processes, deciding their business startegy, networking, and reaching out to the right kind of people. Apart from helping startups, Pranay enjoys creating opportunities for students to get involved in entrepreneurship - be it through the various courses and projects that CIIE provides to IIM students, or through internships for others. Previously, he has worked with Lehman Brothers and Nomura, leading Investment Banks and helped them set up their India equity practice. He is passionate about building organisations from ground up, and is currently getting his highs through his work with startups and building CIIE & CIIE Initiatives. Pranay Gupta would be supporting Gold Nib Fellowship Commission and all the activities in his personal capacity. Other Patrons (click on the name) - Tarun Anand - Harsh Shetty - Pranav Chaturvedi - Sanjeev Kaushal Gold Nib Fellowship Commission - Patrons Tarun Anand (Ex- Managing Director, Thompson Reuters South Asia. Current CEO of Universal Business School) Tarun started his career as a Banker with HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank. He then moved to Reuters and through a series of promotions was elevated to Global Head of Treasury, with responsibility for Revenues of US$ 2 billion across 100 countries. At Reuters he served across Asia, Europe, USA and Global Emerging Markets and initiated several global launches and acquisitions. He also served as a Founder Member of the Reuters Innovation and Venture Board based in New York and London. He subsequently co-founded FXMarketSpace Ltd. (a Thomson Reuters and CME Group Company) which was the world's first centrally cleared 'FX Exchange' He was Global Head of Strategy and Head of Sales, Asia Pacific in Hong Kong, prior to moving back to India. He is the inventor of 'FXSettle' a revolutionary FX settlement solution which has won several global Innovation Awards. He has 16 years experience in financial management services. He did his Masters in Administration from Mumbai and Leadership Training at Michigan Business School (Ann Arbor, USA), Tuck Business School (Dartmouth, USA) and IE Business School (Spain). *As per the guidelines of the Governing Board of Gold Nib Fellowship Commission, Tarun Anand is inducted in the Patron body to oversee the admission process and to align the vision of GNFC with the vision of UBS for youth entrepreneurial developement. He would be in the Patron board for the year 2012 - 13 and would not be instrumental in the selection process of Institutional partners for the next year. To know more about Institutional Partnership, click here Other Patrons (click on the name) - Pranay Gupta - Harsh Shetty - Pranav Chaturvedi - Sanjeev Kaushal Gold Nib Fellowship Commission - Patrons Harsh Shetty Currently CEO Firefish, (NASDAQ OTC- FRFS) Harsh is Founder and CEO of Firefish, a media and education venture. Prior to his founding Firefish in April of 2008, Mr. Shetty was employed as an Investment Banker in the Media and Telecommunications franchise of Citigroup Global Markets in New York,,,,,,,,,,
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