is obviously similar, and we talked with Tony Dale when we started on this site, we have no formal links with - or any other site for that matter. Nor do we intend this site to include any of the myriad of features offered on or any other web sites.   We don't have defined articles of faith - many of our long held views have been deeply challenged in recent years - but we do hold to the traditional creeds. We're not trying to prescribe what a house / simple church is or isn't. We recognise this has dangers - but so too has the best intentioned church which limits itself to a human definition. Many of the most precious and seemingly innocent boundaries we place on our walk can limit us. All we want to do here is put people in touch with others who are on the same journey with Jesus Christ. One of the worst mistakes we in the West often make is to be alone instead of in community - whatever shape that takes for each of us.   We recognise organising house churches has a certain similarity to herding cats. So we do not intend to publish here material which may restrict the appeal. We have links to sites for your information, but we do not recommend or endorse any in particular - we are after all not a church with one way only of doing things. Similarly we don't endorse or control any of the groups listed on here.   So it's not "our" site. It's here purely as a tool for people in New Zealand looking for groups in their areas. If you don't use it, that's your choice. But we hope you will. Since we don't have a central organisation, it's completely up to you. What's on here   We want this house church site to be self maintaining - so if your group isn't on you can't blame someone else. Thus you register the details of your simple church on here - although they will not appear until they have been checked - sadly some people do tend to abuse such systems. You can then maintain them as changes happen.   We have listed some books that may be useful. While we don't expect,,,,,,,,,
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