to be construed as advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act of 2002 unless specifically referred to as advice.© 2015 My name is Ian Marais . My mission is to help my clients see the bigger picture in their financial portfolios. By making sense of all the jargon, I allow my clients to focus on what they do best – generating profits, making money without worrying about their financial future. The average statistic in South Africa indicate that less than 3% of people will be Financially Independent when they retire, which leaves 97% of people who will have to keep working or be dependent on someone else! A cornerstone of financial planning is the recognition that everyone’s economic and life situation is unique, you might be purchasing a first home, financing a child’s post-secondary education or planning for retirement. No matter where you are in your life stage, we will work together on your Financial Plan and Personal Goals to achieve Financial Independence. If you have not reached your personal financial goals yet, then browse through my website and see how we can help you to achieve Financial Independence. Click to Download my Profile Insert Name for FREE eBook  →  My Services:  We can be a great asset to you in reaching your financial goals. Think of me as your financial quarterback – leader of your advisory team and your financial partner. My aim is to develop and implement a sound financial plan for you and your family. Read more My Business Partners:  Financial advisors are the architects of their client’s life plans. With a firm blueprint we help determine a financial plan that is realistic and affordable. By using financial products and Business Partners as the ‘bricks’, a financial plan can be realised in accordance with the blueprint. Read more My Team:  Our objective as a Team is to listen and then offer solutions that give our clients peace of mind, allowing them to focus on what they do best and what’s most important to them. Our Team strives to have a personal impact and serve people on a daily basis. Read more This might sound,,,,,,,,,
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