Wayne Rowland. Also called Wain Water. Nano tiny particles where you will not turn blue,  Colloidal Silver Water 2 gal container, $125.00 . You may Call us to order if you like – shipping in the USA is about $30-$35 per bottle.  Tel. 360-748-4426. Note: This product is only shipped to addresses within the Continental  USA. If you live outside the USA please order the 2 quart bottles of Silver water because it ships in USPS priority mail Flat rate boxes (much cheaper) and shipping would be calculated when you order. Thank you! Silver Water 2Gal $125.00                          Click Here to Order Online  Video on Ebola and the Colloidal Silver Water… The Most Effective Colloidal Silver – Garry Gordon MD Posted in Colloidal Silver Water , Shop , Silver Water , Silver Water Products | Tagged 2 gallons silver water , CGAM SILVER WATER. , Colloidal Silver Drinking Water , Colloidal Silver Water , Silver Water Company , silver water products , silver water video Silver Water 1 qt. – Colloidal Silver Water Posted on October 1, 2014 by Webmaster Product Information CGAM Colloidal Silver Water (9 Billion electrically charged, anti-microbial particles to oz.) Our Silver Water is Superior to regular “colloidal” silver . Pricing is for the USA is still very reasonable at $25 US Shipping is $14.90 This is the original Wain Water – the small molecule (nano silver solution) Silver Water designed by Wayne Roland. Each ounce over 9 billion charged anti-microbial particles. 3ppm silver. Basically it disables the respiration process of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and etc. (They suffocate, die, and are passed out of the body, via the elimination processes.) It is refreshing to the body and excellent on sun burns! This bottle of nano silver solution has to be shipped in the middle size USPS priority mail box because of its size and weight. You should look at the 3 quart special to get the best price and save on shipping – shipped in the same box as this one quart. Also Save even more money by buying Colloidal silver water in a handy 6 quart package. The same colloidal silver water with its amazing healthy and refreshing attributes. You drink it the same a a good purified distilled water, spray it on the skin for a soothing topical application, mix it with DMSO for pain release, etc. Canada  and International orders must telephone for shipping prices. Call 360-748-4426 or email us at taylorevance (at) The news broadcast is telling us the Colloidal Silver Water is good for killing Ebola. See YouTube Video below! Colloidal Silver Test: Kills Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi Posted in Colloidal Silver Water , Shop , Silver Water , Silver Water Products | Tagged CGAM SILVER WATER. , Colloidal Silver Drinking Water , Colloidal Silver Water , nano silver solution , Silver Water 1 Quart , silver water products , Wain water , wayne water Share Your Story in Media is the Disease Posted on August 20, 2014 by Webmaster I need your help with my new book, Media is the Disease. The media is bombarding us with shocking news of diseases and plagues that threaten our health and wellbeing. Everything from Ebola and flesh-eating virus to Lyme disease and Fibromyalgia are breaking news. As far as the media is concerned there is no known cure for these assaults upon our health. Fear is creeping into our consciousness. Do It Yourself (DIY)  —  Tweet   this story! All these maladies can be prevented or eliminated by a few inexpensive natural supplements (or possibly by not subscribing to the media stories at all). Getting your education outside of the box is in order. Why listen or watch only corporation owned news media? Did you know that 95% of the news media was bought up in the 1950’s so that the elite owners of certain corporations could shape the “news” to support their platform of services and products they sell? These companies now get no unfavorable news reports. Is some new vaccination coming out on the market place? Take Ebola Virus scary breaking news headlines , for example: “US – Sacramento Man hospitalized, being treated as potential Ebola victim while CDC conduct tests” “In southern Guinea Ebola has killed more than 1,230 people since discovered January 2014.” “CDC has no known cure for Ebola.” “Is Ebola Virus a flesh eating bacteria? ” a news article on the Reiki Ranch Store for Alternative health Website. I Need Your Help The real news is that we need your help in spreading the word about the government using fear tactics and exposing us to man made bacteria or viruses that may be easily rendered harmless. There are inexpensive natural products that work with natural laws in quickly killing bacteria, virus and fungus – some of the main causes of disease. What if you leaned about this simple alternative immune system boosting product? We’ve studied natural health alternatives for years and have seen lives changed and miraculous healings all for a few cents per day and an open mind. What Are Some of the Options if You Have Ebola? Check into a hospital and be quarantined Go to an MD who only listens to the CDC and they see no cure as of yet Schedule a visit to a specialized natural clinic where you might spend a few weeks detoxing and rebuilding your immune system Spend a few dollars using the same natural treatment at home as the natural health clinics and save the travel expense. Please Share Your Story Please help us spread the word and tell us about your health challenge or share your testimony of overcoming insurmountable odds as we help each other lift the veil of insecurity and help others reclaim their lives, health and wellbeing. We need your questions, concerns, comments and triumphant victories to help enlighten the misinformed public, you and your story could be featured in my new book. With much love, light and healing, Taylore Vance PS: What if there was a water purifier that has no bad side effects that would kill he virus called Ebola for about $1.00 a week? Click here Energy Healing classes coming up at the Reiki Ranch School – See Posted in Books - Alternative Health , Books - Holistic & Natural , Reiki Ranch Is Ebola Virus a flesh eating bacteria? Posted on August 17, 2014 by Webmaster ebola virus protective suits are used Afraid of the Ebola? You should be!  — Ebola virus disease   also called Ebola hemorrhagic fever is the human bleeding disease which may be caused by any of four of the five known ebola viruses. “The US is bringing back infected patients: NEW YORK (AP) – Aid officials say an American doctor infected with the Ebola virus is the first being flown to the U.S. for treatment.  Two seriously ill Americans will be treated at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital. Samaritan’s Purse missionary group tells The Associated Press that a plane carrying Dr. Kent Brantly has left West Africa.” Ebola Virus is growing “Then Ebola…….. 2 US doctors who know how to protect themselves using protective suits etc., still get infected with Ebola…….How did that happen?  They say it is not easy to get infected with Ebola unless there is transfer of bodily fluids, so how did they get infected in the first place? Did these doctors touch the patients fluids with the bare hands??? Viruses evolve, who knows if they are now airborne and we don’t know it yet. It only takes one person to walk out of that hospital (Atlanta) without knowing he or she is infected and start kissing their kids or partner and spread the virus real quick and more if its airborne. I bet we will be hearing in a week about new people been infected. ” Ebola virus disease a threat worldwide   Natural Remedies  for Ebola are available. From Genesis2 church (MMS) Forum : “At this point, no one knows for sure how many drops of the water purifier  (MMS) it will take to prevent the Ebola . All you can do is use the ***Protocol 1000*** to try and keep the immune system as strong as possible. Eat as healthy as you can, eat organic and stay clear of crowds and people as much as you can and wash those hands, wash those hands, wash those hands! Ebola is not only carried on hands only but a lot of other immune damaging viruses are and you need that immune system to be strong, not fighting other sicknesses! As time goes on, unfortunately, we will learn how effective MMS is against Ebola.” The State Department has confirmed that one U.S. citizen died from Ebola in Nigeria after being infected in Liberia. The victim who died in Lagos was bound for the U.S., and was an American citizen U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the virus poses a threat to Britain, and will hold an emergency meeting Ebola center run by Americans closed after Liberia disturbances Two Peace Corps volunteers are under observation after coming into contact with the individual who later died of Ebola disease. And much more is being reported… From the  Nigerian health bulletin   “I am writing urgently to propose to you that there is good reason to believe that there already is a natural solution for, and prevention against, the terrifying novel Ebola virus for which, at this point, no effective treatment or counter measures are thought to exist.” Prevention of Ebola Disease – Get MMS – water purifier here: – it will kill virus and bacteria for just pennies – under $1.00 a week. Flesh Eating bacteria are Streptococcus Necrotizing fasciitis and is considered a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue. From “”   “Florida oceans and most lakes are contaminated with the deadly flesh eating bacteria = no cure + deadly.  Ohio has toxins in their drinking water because of the lake and it could happen in other places = if you drink no water you die, if you drink water with bacteria you also,,,,,,,,,
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