. Whilst our name is changing, nothing changes about the high level of service you’ve come to expect. ConnectTxt has the same powerful two-way, feature rich messaging technology. The same support team is here to assist you. The same development team is working to deliver more power, features and functionality. Find out more here . Nothing changes about the way we serve you, but our deeper integration into the Blackboard family means that you’ll benefit from being part of the worldwide community of Blackboard users. It gives us even more ability to invest in new messaging technologies for you. It also brings with it a sister product that can help turbo-charge your communications programmes: Blackboard Connect 5 , the leading enterprise-level, multimodal, multilingual mass notification service that is used around the world by education, government and private sector institutions. Blackboard ConnectTxt: allows you to send and receive text messages to multiple people in an instant from your computer or your smartphone. 2 way communication that's quick, to the person, to the point, secure and cost effective. simple :)  clever ;) Blackboard Connect 5: enterprise-worthy notification platform for reaching audiences in multiple modes and multiple languages. powerful targeting and relevance tools that help you match the right people with the right message. Connect with confidence.™ Every day, all types of organisations around the world use Blackboard solutions like Connect 5 or ConnectTxt for smarter messaging. Join us and we'll soon have you up and running using the most powerful messaging tools on the planet.. Don't just take our word for it: speak to any one of the thousands of customers in education, healthcare, local government or business who trust us every day to deliver their most important messages.. some txtfacts ;-o 2.5 times as many people use txt rather than email worldwide 3 billion users worldwide 98% of the UK population have a mobile phone capable of txt messaging LATEST NEWS NEW case study available to view - Bedfordshire Police - using text messaging to inform and engage Communities in a protest situation. When Bedfordshire Police needed to keep residents safe and informed during a contoversial protest rally, they turned to the Blackboard Connecttxt service to send thousands of text messages about law enforcement efforts to preserve the peace. Click here for more information education Over 52% of UK Colleges & Universities send critical messages with ConnectTxt. Our online application allows you to send and receive SMS text messages securely from your desktop. Read more health In healthcare ConnectTxt is used in three key areas: sending out test results, reminding patients of appointments and for general staff communications. Read more public sector ConnectTxt is used in three key areas: general staff communications, for the public to send in messages and for emergency contingency planning. Read more local authority In our experience there are a quite a few ways to streamline communication in local authorities, resulting in quick improvements in customer service delivery. Read more business 'time = money' - use ConnectTxt in your business and you will save both time and money. Read more conferences,,,,,,,,,
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