a look at Vetvalue - the new standard in wholesale pharmacy for vets. Vets are our clients.  Without the support of our clients we would not have a business. Therefore, our vision is committed to service delivery of the highest standards.  We care about being good and reliable.  We are dedicated to enhancing your practice and helping you to be more profitable and competitive in your front shop.  We know that by helping and supporting your practice we will also benefit – a truly symbiotic relationship! Dedication, perseverance and commitment! It took us two years to get a wholesale pharmacy license from the necessary authorities and another two years to establish contracts and relationships with all suppliers and to set sound foundations and business principles. Since putting the red tape behind us, we have been working and continue to work full steam to expand our client base. Can do! As you would know, ours is a relatively tight knit and intimate industry, which is in many areas set in its ways.  Motivating change and introducing new concepts can be a challenge.  However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – our clients love us!  Appreciation of our exceptional dedication and service standards have given us an enviable reputation amongst our loyal and growing client base – many of whom will be vets that you know well.  We continue to guard this reputation jealously through consistent service delivery with distinction and our ‘can do’ attitude. We have a national vision and we are also particularly focused on providing a service that includes and will be,,,,,,,,,
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